Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Is Heart Attack Card Game?

Heart attack Card Game: the more players, the better. Divide a deck of cards evenly among all players so that everyone gets a pile of cards. The cards need to be held face-down so no one knows what he or she has. Players sit close to each other in a circle around the table or on the floor. The game starts when the first player lays a card on the table. He or she cannot turn the card over to reveal its number until laying the card down on the table or floor in the center of the circle. At the same time when he turns the card over to reveal the card, regardless of what the card is, he or she must say "one". Then the player sitting next to him or her in clockwise direction is going to do the same thing and again regardless of what the card is he or she needs to say "two", and the third player will say "three", so on and so forth. The high point of the game is that whenever the number said happens to be the same as the number on the card laid down, everyone needs to shout “heart attack” and put right hand on deck of the open cards on the table. The last person to put hand down loses this round and needs to take all the cards on the table. Then he or she would start the next round by putting a card down facing up and then say one "one". Whoever empties all his or her cards first is the winner of the game. The result of the game is a lot of laughs, screaming and red hands. The only disadvantage of the game is it is not good for the table.

Catching Bread with Face: this is another game that will make it very hard for everyone to stop laughing. Two players stand close to each other facing each other. A third person stands behind them holding a slice of bread above and in between the heads of the two players. On the count of three by the third person, he or she will let go the bread, and the two players will try to catch the bread and by doing so may they bump their cheeks together. It looks easy but the bread may go down too fast to be caught. This is a hilarious game for play with family, friends and even co-workers.

Model on Stage with Snake inside Dress: this is an acting game. The "brave" player will try to simulate models cat-walking on the stage. Someone in the audience suddenly says something like" oh, there is a snake in your dress". The player needs to react accordingly as if a snake crawls into his or her dress.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Is Police And Killer Game and How To Play It

Police and killer game is a very interesting psychological game that are typically played between friends and family members. In a nut shell, it's a game to find the best liar and best detector. Here is how to play: the optimum number of people to play this game will be around 10. Too less or too many will make the game difficult to manage. Say we have ten people to play. Out of the ten, one person will be the judge who presides the game. The judge does not participate in the game but will monitor the game from start to finish. Before the game starts, you will need nine cards (if you have nine players) with eight red cards and one black card. The judge will turn all the cards face down so no one will be able to tell which card is red and which is black. It's worth mentioning that only the COLOR of the cards has importance in the game, the type (hearts, spades, etc) or the number of the cards do not mean anything. Now the judge puts all the cards face down on the table and shuffle them to mix the cards. Then each person randomly draws a card. As they are nine players and nine cards so each player gets a card. Each player will quickly take a peek at their own card to see if it's red or black and remembers it and put it face down on the table, typically at the area of the table in front of the player. Players should always not let the other players know the color of his or her card. At this point, as the judge did not see any of the cards so the judge does not know who is holding reds or who's holding black.

The players who hold the red cards are the good guys and the player who holds the black card is the bad guy, or called killer. This game is played between the good guys and the killer. The interesting thing is each player only knows the status of himself or herself: meaning being a good guy or the killer; each player does not know the status of the rest of players. Yet the good guys need to come together to find the killer.

Basic rule of the game: if the good guys find the killer then the good guys win and if the killer kills all the good guys then the killer wins. Depending on how the game goes, a game can typically last between 10 minutes to up to an hour.

Now with all the players knowing the status of their own cards and with all the cards put on the table, the game will start. During the course of the game, each player will need to follow the instructions given by the judge.

Now the game starts:

Round 1: the judge will ask all players to close their eyes so all eyes are closed except the judge. After making sure eyes of all players are closed, the judge will then ask the killer to open his or her eyes. The killer will do. Then the judge will ask the killer to kill one good guy. The killer will very quietly point to the judge one of the eight good guys. Now the judge knows which good guy is dead, the judge will ask the killer to close his or her eyes. Then the judge will ask everyone to open their eyes and after all eyes are open, the judge will announce which good guy is dead. It's worth mentioning that during this whole process, from the judge saying "close your eyes" till "open your eyes", all players including the killer must be as still as possible so as not to let the rest players know his or her status in order to have a fair game.

Now with everyone knowing who is dead in Round 1, the discussion starts. Each player should carefully observe the rest players to determine that one killer. Typically the killer is nervous as he or she is hiding among the good guys and trying the best not to be found. And because he or she is nervous, the killer tends to behave a little different than usual. If a person is not very good at lying or hiding or blending in with the rest, and this person plays the killer for the first time, the good guys might be able to quickly detect there is something not right about the guy and quickly exposes him or her. At the end of the discussion, there will be a vote participated by all the players to vote one player they think it's the most suspicious to be the killer. If the vote is correct, meaning the vote is the killer, then the games finishes and good guys celebrates winning the game against the killer.

But in most cases, it's not easy to be able to point out the killer at Round 1 because it's tough to tell. That means the voted-off guy is a good guy and the vote was wrong. Now there are only seven good guys and one killer left and the game continues on to Round 2.

Before moving on Round 2, let's take a note about the judge. As the judge saw the killer so the judge knows who is the killer and where are the good guys. To have a fair game, the judge needs to be as impartial as possible so as not to favor neither the good guys or the killer. The judge should also be professional in monitoring the game. Restraining from talking, showing emotions, or sympathies so as not to leak information regarding the status of each player. In most cases, the judge should just monitor and observe the game.

Round 2: it will be almost just like Round 1, judge will ask everyone to close their eyes, the killer will kill one good guy, the judge will announce the death, and discussion starts. By Round 2, the good guys should be able to gain more clue as to which one is probably the bad one by piecing info together: who voted to kill the good guy in Round 1, who's saying what, etc. And there will be a vote for this round. If the killer is picked out by the vote, the good guys win. If not, it goes on to Round 3, 4 till at the end.

Ending: if at the end, all the good guys have been killed by the killer, then hats to the killer, he or she is the best liar and the killer wins. On the other hand, if remaining good guy(s) is able to pick out the killer. Then the good guys win.

The above discussed game is the simplest version of the Police and Killer game. In complicated versions, there can be two killers if there are more than twelve players. There are also versions of the game that includes policeman.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Celebration: Show Love to Fathers

Father’s Day is a holiday to celebrate fathers and fatherhood. The holiday originated in the early twentieth century. In every country, the dates for Father’s Day can be different and but in most countries, it is the third Sunday of every June. The ways for celebration are mostly related to sending gifts, family reunion, etc. In some countries, it is a tradition that children wear red roses to show love to living fathers and wear white rose to remember fathers who have passed away. Children also make breakfast for parents and serve the food to them in bed so they don’t need to get up early.

It is a great idea to take father or both parents out to spend time with them doing things together, like shopping, golfing, fishing, dining, etc. Adults are busy and probably don’t see their parents very often. Father’s day is a great opportunity to show love to parents. Spending quality time together will be probably the best gift to parents.

Businesses encourage people to buy gifts for fathers for this occasion, from small items like ties and socks to more expensive gifts like electronic products. Whether it is a small or big gift, gifts from children will always make parents very happy. There are also videos made to acknowledge the love from fathers.

If you plan to have to have a family reunion on Father’s Day, you can get party supplies like Father’s Day banners, napkins, cups, etc. Entertaining sports games like mini golf in the backyard would be a great game for the party.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Party Ideas: What Sort of Party Will You Host?

Party ideas are many, but we tie ourselves to believing that there is no alternative that will make the event better. The preparations that you are going to make for a party are dependent on the sort of party you are to throw. So, you can't prepare for a party if you don't know the type of party you would like to throw. But it is difficult to identify the kind of party you would like. Continue reading for some points which will guide you through when deciding the sort of party you wish to host:

1. Is the party intended for one individual such as a graduation, welcome home party, birthday or wedding? If that is the case, the honoured guest's wishes should be considered. The factors that you're going to need consider are; his/her availability, the guests they'd like to invite and their tastes. If you intend the party to be a surprise party, do not consult the honored guests on what they will want for the party. Instead, you should consult the friends or relatives of the honoured guest on what he likes so that the party will be a surprise yet a good one.

2. Hobbyist parties or award parties demand that like-minded folks be involved when making party preparations. Some party ideas might demand the same.

3. Reunions are fun to host but they are hard to plan for. If the guests you expect to attend the party have to travel long distances, you need to plan the party in time. For instance, you'll need to send out invitation letters many days in advance so they can plan the journey and adjust their schedule.

4. Themed parties such as fancy dress or Halloween parties can bring a lot of fun when held. Inform your guests on what's required of them in terms of the dress code.

5. You can make your dinner party different from the rest. You can either select a potluck dinner party that will allow the guests to contribute to the meals, or a formal sit down dinner for eight people. You can also host a backyard barbeque or a pizza while watching a Super Bowl match. If you have decided to try any of these methods, you should know the amount of guests attending the party and then come up with a budget that you are going to stick to. The foods and drinks should be adequate.

The party ideas will work depending on how you handle the party and the kind of party you want to throw. If this is the first party you are hosting, it is good that you make it simple. In the invite list, do not invite many guests to the party. However, if you are used to throwing huge parties, there is no reason to stop now. Just bear in mind you have got to prepare early for it to be a success.
The writer, Clinton Nikenya, is among the leading members of the Nikenya team. Visit their website for lots of information, including details regarding holiday party invitations.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Glow With Us Offes Automatic Color Changing Foam Glow Sticks

The LED foam glow sticks came out a couple of years ago. Glow With Us, offers foam sticks in six flashing modes, with the second mode being automatic color changing, probably the most popular mode of all. Even since it came out, this product has been gradually gaining popularity. And there are a few reasons why. First, the foam glow sticks are BIG and BRIGHT. Sticks are 16" long, 1 3/4" diameter. The commercially available biggest glow sticks is no more than 3/4" in diameter. And at the same time, with three super bright LED light bulbs, they really light up the stick. And the stick is so designed that the whole stick lights up super brightly. When you wave the big & thick stick in the dark, it creates amazing light shows. That's why they are excellent for dancing, night clubs, concerts, etc. Per Glow With Us customers, the automatic color changing mode is the most populat mode.

Secondly, they are pretty safe to use.  Looking at the youtube video on Glow With Us website, one can see the product is made out foam material, they are extremely light as the center of the sticks are hollow. One can use the stick to hit others and yet because they are so light-weighted and soft, they are safe. Unlike glow sticks although non-toxic and non-hazardous, glow sticks still possess the risk of breaking out the chemicals and once broken, the chemical liquids, which is kind of like acid based substance, can easily stain carpet, furniture, etc. And it's pretty difficult to get off.

Thirdly, foam LED lights come with six different flashing modes which are all unique and fun. All six modes are clearly listed on the website page of Glow With Us. The first is an all-around multi-color quick flash. The afore-mentioned three  color light bulbs are red, green and blue, which are the three basic colors and most popular ones. So the first mode would be red, green and blue flashing at same quick speed at the same time. With the three color flashing at the same time, you will see a kind of white flashing color with tint of the three colors. But if you wave the sticks in the air in a dark setting, you will actually be able to separate the colors a bit to be able to see red, green, or blue than if the sticks are not moving. Second mode is probably the automatic color change mode. The three color lights red, green, blue lights up different time. With the time pre-designed, the sticks will lights up all different colors due to combination of the three colors. The third mode is the multi-color steady light, for situations where no flashing, just steady light-up is needed. Fourth to sixth will be automatic flashing of just red, just blue and just green.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Throw Your July 4th Blow Out with Refreshing Party Favors

July Fourth party is a tradition in U.S. and a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new friends, and get together with family.  The usual Fourth party has backyard barbecue, baked beans, the July Fourth cutout decorations, etc. If you are hosting a big Fourth Blow out, you can definitely make your party more exciting with some refreshing ideas.   

You can use lanterns to decorate your patio and backyard.  Once the sun goes down, light up some 6” glow sticks and put one or two inside each lantern.  You can hang them on the tree, on the railings and or above each table.  Red, white and blue glow sticks will light up your lanterns in patriotic colors and look fabulous.  

When the sun sets down, the glow jewelries start to add beautiful glitter to the scene. Although called glow jewelry, the glow necklaces and glow bracelets are not just for the ladies, everyone can wear them.  The red-white-blue tri-color necklaces would add patriotic flair to your Fourth party.

Instead of using candles, LED lights like votive candles will not only look exotic but remove any fire hazards especially there are the little ones running around. The fiber optic centerpieces have multi-color light shooting out from the stands and look like stars in the dark sky, making them popular light up centerpieces.

Even you are landlocked, you can still add a beach theme flavor to your party.  First of all ask your guests to dress in Hawaii shirts and sundresses for the party.  The red, white and blue LED Hawaii leis can be given to each guest and used both during the day and after dark.  The flowers for the leis are made of silk like material instead of plastic so they are very comfortable to wear even in summer.
Watching firework in the neighborhood is a highlight of Fourth party.

Kids like to play sparklers but the sparkles do pose a safety hazard to the kids and people around.  Now there is a LED toy called fiber optic wands.  They are safe and fun alternative to sparklers for kids and adults.

Get these refreshing Fourth party favors ready and have the coolest Independence Day blowout in the block. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

LED Glow Sticks Are Seen At Many Night Clubs

LED glow sticks have been party favors for rave parties, night clubs, concerts, etc. for decades and these days LED glow sticks have become top-of-the-line light up supplies for night parties.  They can emit steady neon glow like glow sticks, flash and even change colors. Although they are more expensive than glow stick, they provide more bang for the buck.
At night clubs, the staff just gets a bunch of LED glow sticks, which are considered hottest products so far turned on and leave them on a table.  The patrons can grab one or two as they like.  You don’t even need to tell everyone where to find them and the word will get around soon as these LED light sticks start to flash on the dance floor.

For night parties, everyone is looking to have an exciting and happy time.  Fun party favors that light up serve the purpose perfectly.  And usually the bigger the play item, the more exciting it is.  With glow stick, they contain liquid inside, so the bigger the glow sticks, the heavier they are.   However with LED glowsticks, they use not chemical liquid but batteries to light up and the foam LED sticks are 18” long but have little weight.

For many night events safety is the one of the priorities especially with big crowds and liquor served. You don’t want to provide any party favors can are hard and can hurt people.  In a beach concert, the organizers used small light up balls and passed them around.  The balls although small are hard and when people toss and throw them, people actually get hurt. So this year, the organizers are looking for some small items like glow bracelets.

For promotional purpose, LED glow sticks can be imprinted with your club, concert, or event name to make a big impact. It doesn’t cost much to have logo imprinted but they bring great return on investment as far as increasing the brand awareness and fan effect. Glow sticks have been around for many years, but not so many people have used LED glow stick for night parties.  They will be the talk of your party and bring a lot of excitement to enhance the party.